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Organist, harpsichordist, pianist and conductor, Giorgio Revelli is titular organist (dating from 2007) at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Bussana, Sanremo, Italy, and director of music at Saint Maurice Cathedral, Imperia, Italy (dating from 2015).

Native of Taggia, Italy, Mr. Revelli achieved all of his music and academic studies in France. At the National Conservatory of Nice, he studied organ with René Saorgin (final exams in 1992), and harpsichord and chamber music with Mireille Podeur (Early Music Department, final exams in 1996), and he studied piano with Polish pianist Elzbieta Glabowna. He attended master classes at prestigious French academies with Michel Chapuis, Marie-Claire Alain, Bernard Lagacé, Mireille Lagacé, Jean Boyer, Harald Vogel and he was pupil of Jean Pierre Leguay as for the art of improvisation.

Mr. Revelli has been regularly invited to international music festivals in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain), with a repertoire ranging from Early Music to contemporary and living authors.

Mr. Revelli’s performances have reached South America (Argentina, Uruguay), Canada and the United States, and he regularly collaborates with the Italian Ministry of Culture through the Italian Institutes of Culture overseas, both in lecturing and in playing as a soloist as well as with the orchestra. Such merits have earned Mr. Revelli the invitation for the first time in 2012 as Italian member of the Jury, and also as appointed member of the scientific commission from 2013 on, to the renowned International Organ Improvisation Contest on the historic organ at Saint-Colomban Abbey of Luxeuil, France.

Among his next 2019 concerts, a programme on Renaissance and French Baroque repertoire is scheduled on French Queen Marie Antoinette’s Reuckers harpsichord at Neuchâtel, Switzerland.